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Dance/Movement Workshops for Adults: Teachers and Parents/Guardians/Families:

- Family Movement Workshop

 - Early Childhood Education



This class is primarily focused on developing and building dance techniques through Chinese and Western dance genres, specifically Chinese Folk, Hip-Hop, Modern, Ballet, and Jazz.  We will concentrate on breathing and stretching techniques, core control, flexibility, strength, musicality, improv, and emotions.  There will also be a brief choreography component towards the end of all classes and workshops. 


Dance Level:  Open.


Workshop Time:  Two hours minimum. 



These dance workshops are dedicdated to creating performance quality dance pieces/routines for competitions, special events and school performances.  Choreography will be focused on the dancer or dancers style and abilities. 


All choreographed pieces will include the following:  One completed dance piece with music, where to purchase costumes and dance props (if needed), and stagecraft suggestions.  All choreographed dance pieces are created exclusively to the commissioner with the recognition of Pei-Lan Ku.  


Dance Level:  Open.


Workshop Time:  Three hours minimum.  

CHINESE DANCE is as broad and vast as the people themselves.   With an array of cultures, politics and ideologies, the people that derive from a Chinese background are acutely complex and ever evolving, (similarly to all living beings).  


The following Chinese Dance and Contemporary Chinese Dance workshops and classes are intently composed to explore and discover just a miniscule of Chinese culture through the world of dance!  



This class is an introduction to Chinese dance and culture.  We will focus on traditional Chinese dance techniques and movements.  Additionally, we will work with Chinese dance props.  There will also be a combination/choreography portion torwards the end of this class. 


Dance Level:  Open.


Class Time: One hour minimum.

DANCE/MOVEMENT WORKSHOP FOR ADULTS: Teachers and Parents/Guardians/Families




Busy!  Everyone is busy!  I get it.  


That is why this workshop was developed!  If you have a family with kids this Family Movement Workshop is for you and your entire family.  This workshop encourages families to do an activity together even when you are busy.  Those special moments of moving and learning something with your child/children will always be remembered, and hopefully will set precedent not only for your family but your community as well.  

Family building is community building!  

Dance Level: Open!

Workshop Time: At least 30 minutes.


Before one can tell you what she/he wants, they might gesture to you, facially and bodily.  Before one speaks a word, they might instinctually make noises, such as laughing or crying.  That is why utilizing the performing arts in early childhood education is not only productive but also the key to unlocking many ways in which a child can develop and advance in their physical, social, emotional, verbal, and cognitive skills. 


This class is focused on helping the adults (teachers and parents/guardians) of children, ages three to five to building activities and/or curriculum through the performing arts, specifically Contemporary Chinese Dance. 


Dance Level: All Teachers and Parents/Guardians of three to five year olds are welcomed!


Workshop Time: Three hours minimum.