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Personal IMAGE Workshops and One-on-One Meetings


Retail Floor IMAGE/ FASHION Workshops


People and companies will inevitability change. These IMAGE workshops and meetings are created to focus on developing strategies and methods that will increase a company's retail profitability and a person's self-confidence.  Orchid Consulting is committed to work through these transitional times, while maintaining a company's heritage and an individual's personal image.



Your personal image is whatever you want to do with it.  It not only encompasses how people see you, but it also shows the world how you see yourself.  And I am not just speaking about what you wear or how you look.  I am speaking about how you communicate with others, how you treat yourself and others, how you engage people, and how you want people or certain people to view you.  But if it's all about you and what you want to do then why the heck am I here?  Choices!!

These workshops and meetings encircle a dialogue and discussions of what you think your personal image should be, your personal image changes and most importantly, we will talk about your personal choices in your life and with your image.  It is difficult, and at times it gets very personal.  However the objective of these workshops and meetings are to provide you with choices, life choices!  So that you can decide and figure out whatever you want to do with your personal image.  

These workshops are great for team-building in a work environment, private or public!


Workshop and Meeting Times: Three hours minimum.



These Retail Floor IMAGE Workshops are focused on two vital elements of the Retail Floor:  Visual Merchandising and Customer Service.  These workshops are designed specifically for floor managers, floor staff and stock staff.  Orchid Consulting is here to support all managers and staff that hit the floor, through the ever constantly changing and transitional times of the fashion world, which as we all know is quite often.  We will work together to ensure that all floor members are educated and well informed about each collection and product that hits the floor and that is online.  Our main objective is to increase profitability in specific retail store, one store/floor team at a time. 


Workshop Time: Three hours minimum.